If you have a query about my ‘Mythmaking’ work, please use the contact form below. You’re more than welcome to ask me a specific question about any of the courses, but please bear in mind that it’s always impossible for me to recommend which course you should take if I don’t know you personally. They don’t follow an order, and are quite independent of each other, so it’s very much down to your own instinct and the kind of work which draws you right now. But if you are still in doubt, then perhaps The Mythic Imagination would be a good place to begin, as it covers a wide range of ways of working with myth and fairy tales.

For all other enquiries about my writing or availability for lectures, readings and workshops, please email Sharon[at]sharonblackie[dot]net.

Although it’s lovely to receive emails from people who resonate with my work and want to share their thoughts and experiences, sometimes it’s really hard to find a chance to reply to all of them in the little time that isn’t taken up by writing or other work. And especially when I’m writing a new book, I don’t spend a lot of time online. So I find it necessary to give priority to work-related queries, which are usually answered the same day. I do read and appreciate everything else that I’m sent, but please don’t be offended if I don’t get a moment to reply to you right away.