I’m currently offering three online courses in mythmaking which are designed for self-study. Please follow the links below for more information. (Please also note that these courses aren’t designed to run in any particular order. If you’re interested in studying with me but aren’t sure which course to begin with, I’d recommend ‘The Mythic Imagination’, as it covers many of the general principles we’ll meet in the other courses. Right now, ‘The Mythic Imagination’ is the only one of my courses which is designed for both men and women.

The Mythic Imagination

‘The Mythic Imagination’ is a unique six-module, six-month online course in the field of mythological studies. It is informed by depth and archetypal psychology, and is designed to present myth and fairy tales not just as entertainment, or a collection of stories which offer insight into beliefs and traditions from the distant past, but as a living principle, deeply enmeshed in our lives and the life of this beautiful, animate Earth. During the course we explore the many ways in which myth can illumine and inform our journeys through life. Theory and background information is presented which will help you in your studies, but the major focus of this course is to offer practical guidance, exercises and writing meditations to help you develop and deepen your own mythic imagination.

Reclaiming the Wise Woman

In this course we explore and reclaim our native Wise Woman stories and traditions, bringing them alive and making them relevant to the world we live in today. We explore both old and new representations of the Wise Woman in myth, story, literature and art. We explore a range of skills and practices which help us develop a rich and authentic relationship with the natural world around us, and bring us back into balance with the land on which we live.

Sisters of Rock and Root

‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ (formerly ‘Sisterhood of the Bones’) is a unique year-long experience for women who want to delve deeply into wild stories, myths and archetypes, and so to connect in a grounded, rooted way with the cycles and seasons of the year, and the themes associated with them as they arise in your own life. This course is focused on building a deep, embodied sense of belonging to the place you live in right now.

The Voices of the Wells

Beginning in March 2017, I’ll be offering a fourth course, ‘The Voices of the Wells’, which involves more interaction with me and other guest teachers. Please visit this page for more information.